Tuesday, 17 March 2015

(Mixtape) - Bizzy Bone - Tha Manifesto

Bizzy Bone Solo Edits Tape...

I've always been a big fan of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. I check for their new shit and usually enjoy what they put out, although new music has been few and far between over the last few years. Bone dominated the 90s with an innovative flow and style that has often been replicated but never quite matched. Little Ripsta is probably the most troubled but also the most colourful member of the crew. He has a huge catalogue of music under his belt including some classic albums. "Heavenz Movie" and "The Gift" are some of his best and are essential listening for anyone who appreciates the golden era of hip hop. Although Bizzy still has his trademark flow, he has not been able to find that magic from earlier in his career with everything he puts out.

This tape focuses on his more recent shit, he has done countless guest spots and verses for projects here and there and its not always easy to keep up with what he releases. Sometimes it seems as though he will literally do a track with anyone. This is a solo edits tape (similar to that Raekwon - Dart Master shit, I put up a few weeks back) it has only Little Bizzy's verses and the other artists have been edited out, which in my opinion makes for a better overall listen. Although Bizzy will probably never reach the same level as he once was at, he still displays the skill, flow, focus and talent that have made him a favourite among Bone fans.

Listen above / Download below. Ouija are you with me...?


01 - Intro
02 - One Day
03 - Murda
04 - Tha Takeover
05 - Adam & Eve
06 - Murda Murda
07 - Heavenly
08 - I Can't Give Up
09 - Praise Tha Lord
10 - Budsmoker's Anthem
11 - Real Gangstas
12 - Ya Already Know
13 - Bang If Ya Want 2
14 - Take Me Away
15 - Tha Cure
16 - Fast Life
17 - Believe
18 - Dub X
19 - Grizzly Adams
20 - Legends
21 - Bankroll
22 - Eye Of Tha Tiger
23 - Haters Can't Fade Me
24 - If It Ain't About Money
25 - Hearts With No Love
26 - Buff Her
27 - Handle My Business
28 - We Fly
29 - Jazzy
30 - Nightmares
31 - Death 2 Tha Stars
32 - Freestyle
33 - On Tha Come Up
34 - Still We Breathe
35 - Make Me Wanna Holla
36 - On Fire
37 - Put It Down Baby
38 - Touch Tha Sky
39 - Watching You
40 - Dat Soldier
41 - All Up In Yo Girlfriend
42 - Fa Sho
43 - Tha Craft
44 - Twin Towers
45 - Riding In
46 - Outlaw
47 - Unbreakable
48 - All Day
49 - 76 Bars
50 - Revelations
51 - Outro

Download: "Bizzy Bone - Tha Manifesto" Here

Friday, 13 March 2015

(What If...?) - J Dilla - Dilla's Donuts - Vocal Version

What if J Dilla's classic beat tape "Donuts" had been released as full vocal album?

Jay Dee aka James Dewitt Yancey will always be remembered as one of the music industry's most influential hip hop artists. He led a troubled life having been diagnosed with Lupus and TTP.  Dilla died in 2006 aged just 32, three days after his universally acclaimed classic "Donuts" dropped. The original idea for Donuts came during an extended hospital stay in the summer of 2005. Dilla's friends from the L.A.-based indie label Stones Throw came to visit and brought him a Boss SP-303 sampler and a small 45 record player so he could make music while in the hospital. Dilla completed 29 of the 31 songs on Donuts while still in the hospital. The name "Donuts" was explained by Dilla's mother in a New York Times article...

"Easy explanation, Dilla likes donuts. I just bought two dozen a week ago!" - Dilla's mother smiling as she remembers her son.

Many of the tracks have been used since "One for Ghost" and "Hi" were used in Ghostface's Fishscale under the names "Whip You With a Strap" and "Beauty Jackson", respectively. Ghost also used "Geek Down" for the song Murda Goons. Busta Rhymes and Rah Digga used "Last Donut of the Night" for  and "Best That Ever Did It." "Workinonit" was used by The Roots for a collaboration with Saigon for the album Game Theory, however it was not included out of respect for Dilla's passing. The verse from Saigon can be heard on his mixtape Return of the Yardfather. J Dilla's posthumously released album The Shining, also released with new verses on Common's Finding Forever, uses a re-edited version of "Bye."The aforementioned tracks were, for the most part, recorded or planned during Dilla's lifetime. After Dilla's passing, The Roots used "Time: The Donut of the Heart" for their J Dilla tribute "Can't Stop This" on the album Game Theory. In 2005, the track "Mash" was rapped over by MF DOOM and Guilty Simpson on the track "Mash's Revenge" feature on the Stones Throw compilation "B-Ball Zombie War". DOOM also used "Anti-American Graffiti" which appeared on the Dilla Ghost Doom release Sniperlite, under the track name "Sniper Elite". DOOM later used "Lightworks" on a track of the same name on his album Born Like This. "Lightworks" was also used for the "B-Ball Zombie War" track "Lightworking," which features Talib Kweli and Q-Tip. Busta Rhymes added a verse to Q-Tip and Talib Kweli's on "Lightworks". This was included in his Dillagence mixtape, 2007.

Big shout to Seanuz from WuCorp who complied this tape. He has been working on this for a long time and it sounds like an official album that could be released. As with the Cuban Linx II version Seanuz complied he has used the original titles for all tracks. He has used the best versions of all the tracks he could get as mentioned above and a few others that were a little harder to find. People featuring Common was mixed by DJ Unexpected for his ‘Something In Common’ mixtape, as the song ‘My People, Hold On’. This is based on that but mixed slightly differently by Seanuz.
The Diff’rence featuring Grand Puba is taken from the song ‘Let’s Get It On / The Diff’rence (Fozzie Bootleg)’ off of Fozzie’s ‘BIG EP II’. Gobstopper featuring Nas & Jay Electronica was Mixed by DJ Smu as ‘The Season (Smu Mix)’  The Jay-Z track Don’t Cry is the ‘Song Cry (Dilla Remix)’ and Thunder featuring M.O.P is ‘Pounds Up’ both taken from DJ Soul and Okayplayer’s ‘Assorted Donuts’

Again Big Thanks to Seanuz for this one, Listen above / Download below.

Dilla R.I.P.


1. Donuts (Outro)
2. Workinonit (feat The Roots)
3. Waves (feat XV)
4. Light My Fire
5. The New (feat XV)
6. Stop
7. People (feat Common)
8. The Diff’rence (feat Grand Puba)
9. Mash (feat MF Doom & Guilty Simpson)
10. Time: The Donut Of The Heart (feat The Roots)
11. Glazed
12. Airworks
13. Lightworks (feat MF Doom)
14. Stepson Of The Clapper (feat Roc C & Oh No)
15. The Twister (Huh, What) (feat Roc C & Oh No)
16. One Eleven (feat Little Brother & O-Dash)
17. Two Can Win (feat Big Sean)
18. Don't Cry (feat Jay-Z)
19. Anti-American Graffiti (feat MF Doom)
20. Geek Down (feat Ghostface Killah)
21. Thunder (feat M.O.P)
22. Gobstopper (feat Nas & Jay Electronica)
23. One For Ghost (feat Ghostface Killah)
24. Dilla Says Go (feat Talib Kweli)
25. Walkinonit
26. The Factory
27. U-Love (feat Skyzoo)
28. Hi. (feat Ghostface Killah)
29. Bye. (feat Common & D'Angelo)
30. Last Donut Of The Night (feat Rah Digga & Busta Rhymes)
31. Donuts (Intro)

Download - Donuts: The Vocal Version Here

Monday, 9 March 2015

(Mixtape) - Inspectah Deck - INS The Rebel : Live & Spittin'

Inspectah Deck sharpens his sword...

Inspectah Deck has not always enjoyed the same solo success as some of his Wu brothers, but his razor-sharp flow, aggressive delivery and smart word play have held him in high esteem and made him a favourite among Wu-Heads. No doubt Deck always delivers with the lyrics, he is an uncompromising, relentless MC and one of the sharpest Shaolin Swordsmen. Twenty-Two years in the game, Rollie Fingers is still swingin through ya town like ya neighbourhood Spider Man.

Decks last few projects have been fire, 2013's collaboration album with 7L & Esoteric "Czarface" is by far one of my favourite albums from the last couple of years. This shit took it right back to a sound that has been missing in hip hop, particularly for the Wu fans. That 90's shit with the beats and rhymes, - "That Whole Era" as Cilvaringz described it at the recent one and only "Once Upon A Time In Shaolin" listening session - but I'm not getting into that shit here. It looks like that album will now never be heard, Czarface definitely comes close to the sound of true 90s hip hop. The Inspectah put in some good work on "A Better Tomorrow" and has recently released the free "Cynthia's Son" tape which he dedicated to his mother. I think the tape is dope as fuck and has been slightly slept on by a few. With Masta Killa's "Selling My Soul", Ghost dropping "Sour Soul" and Rae's #ThrowbackThursday tracks, there has been a shift within the Wu paying homage to these old school soul tracks. Ghost has been doing it for years and it suits his flow, this is Decks go at it - which he does really well, swinging his sword the only way Deck can. If you have not heard "Cynthia's Son" go and download that shit - seriously! This tape, INS The Rebel : Live & Spittin is different from the other shit I've been posting. It has the audio from a full live Inspectah Deck solo show, mixed with some of the best and most memorable freestyles from his career along with a couple of reflective interviews where Deck gives his views on everything. Deck is working on putting out a sequel to "Czarface" and his last solo album "The Rebellion", until then check out the tape. Listen above / download below. Peace.


01. Intro
02. Shadowboxin'
03. Protect Ya Neck
04. Da Mystery Of Chessboxin'
05. Guillotine (Swords)
06. For Heaven's Sake
07. C.R.E.A.M.
08. Triumph
09. Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthin Ta Fuck Wit'
10. It's Yourz
11. Wu-Tang Is Forever
12. Shimmy Shimmy Ya
13. Tru Master
14. Above The Clouds
15. Throw Ya Ws Up
16. That Shit
17. That Nigga
18. Do You Want More
19. Visionz Freestyle
20. I Shot Ya Freestyle
21. Intoxicated Freestyle
22. Y'all Been Warned Freestyle
23. One More Thing
24. Gravel Pit Freestyle
25. Peace
26. Stretch Armstrong Freestyle
27. Tony Touch Freestyle - Ft. Killa Sin
28. Interview Part 1
29. Rock The House Freestyle
30. Interview Part 2
31. Wake Up Show Freestyle - Ft. Rza
32. One Verse Freestyle

Download Here

Friday, 6 March 2015

(Updated Version) - Raekwon - Only Built For Cuban Linx II - O.G. Version 2006

Updated tape with a better version of Thug World...

A few weeks back I posted on here, Seanuz's final version of how Cuban Linx II might have sounded if it was released in 2006. After a lot of tweeking Seanuz was ready to share the tape with the world. It seems my man Seanuz is a bit of a perfectionist and has continued with the tweeking slightly to bring you an updated version of Thug World.

In the last post I said the version of Thug World was a remake as close as possible to the original joint using Rae and U-God's verses from Execution in Autumn that were actually recorded for Thug World in the Cuban Linx II sessions. It also had more of the movie dialogue that was left off the 8 Diagrams version. This part was looped to create the beat but was not quite perfect due to the dialogue. The new updated version is closer to how the orginal track should have sounded. Shout out to Hom1e from WuCorp who found the sample, which is from Nicolas Flagello’s Wailing Wall.
The mixing has been done by Seanuz, Good work on this one kid.

Download "Thug World" with O.G. Sample Here

If you missed this first time round, you can get the full tape with the new version of Thug World below:


1. Baggage Handlers
2. Rockstars and Smoking Barrels (feat Inspectah Deck AKA Rollie Fingers & GZA AKA Maximillion)
3. Kareem Khan (feat Slick Rick, Masta Killa AKA Noodles & GZA AKA Maximillion)
4. Sonny’s Missing
5. Batman & Robin (feat Ghostface Killah AKA Tony Starks)
6. No Matter How Hard You Try (feat U-God AKA Lucky Hands, Zu Keeper, RZA AKA Bobby Steels & Inspectah Deck AKA Rollie Fingers)
7. Walk With Me
8. 40 Deuce (feat Jadakiss AKA Montego Jada & Styles P AKA Styles Pinero)
9. Secret Indictment (feat Inspectah Deck AKA Rollie Fingers & RZA AKA Bobby Steels)
10. White Cloud Olympus
11. Kiss The Ring (feat Inspectah Deck AKA Rollie Fingers & Masta Killa AKA Noodles)
12. 10 Bricks (feat Cappadonna AKA Cappachino & Ghostface Killah AKA Tony Starks)
13. Weak Spot (feat RZA AKA Bobby Steels & GZA AKA Maximillion)
14. Thug World (feat U-God AKA Lucky Hands, Inspectah Deck AKA Rollie Fingers & RZA AKA Bobby Steels)
15. State Of Grace
16. House Of Flying Daggers (feat Inspectah Deck AKA Rollie Fingers, Ghostface Killah AKA Tony Starks, Method Man AKA Johnny Blaze & GZA AKA Maximillion)
17. Sunlight (feat RZA AKA Bobby Steels)
18. Ason Jones

Download The Full Updated Tape Here

Monday, 2 March 2015

(Mixtape) - Wu-Block - Episode Zero

Ghostface Killah & Sheek Louch took it back to the street...

The first Wu-Block was a banging album. Wu-Tang and D-Block mixed together on one record was the brainchild of Ghostface Killah and Sheek Louch, they came together to build a street album for the fans of both Camps. When it dropped back in 2012 a lot of hype had been built up with the street singles and appearances by Ghost and Sheek discussing the record and its conception...

"This is a unique street album combination, like carnation milk with oatmeal and a dash of cinnamon. We got killing on lock. It’s like assassination day – nothing but darts being thrown. It’s like Batman and Robin shit. It’s real street shit for the fans. They’ve been thirstin’ for this.” - Ghostface

Last year Wu-Block 2014 was announced with artwork and a track list being released online. This has since been confirmed as false but a new "Hidden Gems" project has been slated to be released some time this year. I made this tape back before the first album dropped. Many of the street singles were crazy at the time but did not make the final album. They have been collected on this tape along with some of the earlier collaborations between Wu-Tang & D-Block members that were the roots to how Wu-Block came about. A couple of remixes and some rare shit have been thrown in the mix alongside interviews with Ghost and Sheek talking about the album's conception, themes and what it means to them. Shit - I know this is pretty late but fuck it, I never had this blog back then so I'm sharing this tape with ya now. If ya don't like it leave it alone. Otherwise here it is my prequel to "Wu-Block 2012". Give it a spin and look out for Wu-Block Hidden Gems coming soon.

Listen above / Tracklist & Download below


01. Intro
02. Wu-Block - Sheek Louch, Ghostface, Jadakiss, Styles P, Raekwon
03. Union Square - Sheek Louch, Ghostface
04. Batman - Ghostface, Sheek Louch
05. Cartel Gathering - Ghostface, Raekwon, Jadakiss
06. Interview (Part 1)
07. Trading Places - Sheek Louch, Ghostface
08. Movie Niggaz - Sheek Louch, Ghostface
09. Interview (Part 2)
10. 2 Tearz In A Bucket - Sheek Louch, Redman, Method Man
11. Flashback - Ghostface, Sheek Louch
12. Star Of The State - Styles P, Ghostface
13. Where It Started At - Dion, Jadakiss, Papoose, Talib Kweli, Raekwon
14. Barry - Ghostface, Sheek Louch
15. Magnum Force - Jim Jones, U-God, Sheek Louch
16. Interview (Part 3)
17. The Outsiderz - Styles P, Sheek Louch, Raekwon, Papoose, Lil Cease
18. Run Remix - Ghostface, Raekwon, Jadakiss, Freeway, Lil Wayne
19. Pepsi Smash Mic Pass - Jadakiss, Jay Rock, Busta Rhymes, Jim Jones, Raekwon
20. Good Times Remix - Redman, Styles P, Method Man
21. Hands Up - Sheek Louch, Ghostface
22. Interview (Part 4)
23. Letter To Big Remix - Jadakiss, Faith Evans, Raekwon
24. Cold World Remix - Gza, Inspectah Deck, Styles P
25. Metal Lungies Remix - Ghostface, Masta Killa, Sheek Louch, Styles P
26. Wu-Block Part II - Sheek Louch, Ghostface, Diego Cash, Bully, Cappadonna
27. Outro

(New Shit) - Raekwon - Wall To Wall

Rae teams up with Busta Rhymes & French Montana for his new single...

The Chef has released number of tracks from his upcoming solo album F.I.L.A in the last few months. This is his latest offering featuring New York heavyweights French Montana and Busta Rhymes. Rae does his thing over a hard, grimy beat with a heavy presence from French and a sick 16 from Bus. Hopefully this is an indication of what to expect from F.I.L.A which has been confirmed to drop at the back end of April.
Listen below...